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Ruston Proctor SD Tractor Project.

Part 2

The Diary is now split in to two parts.


New delivery of Brake gear Castings from Alan Davenport, one set for Andy!

Trial fitting for the Brake parts

The new brake castings were machined, the brake shaft has 1-3/8" squares, I had to cut squares in the castings to match. The small end of brake lever has a 3/4" square, the pin has a flat machined in to stop the brake block rotating when the brake is off.

28/04/2009 Update

Well for the last 7 weeks I have been busy fitting a Kitchen, Bathroom, New Central heating and a bedroom extension. I know Andy has been doing similar too, so no news form our projects. Well, I'almost done with my house renovation work. This evening I collected the New Castings from Alan Davenport to improve the differential. The previous diff was found to be too wide in practise. A saving of several inches has been made by scrapping the existing deep dished bevels and following the same practise as used on the original.

Pair of inner diff bevel castings and two sets of Cylinder drain castings


The Bevel gear pattern is part salvaged from one of the oringinal diff castings. I pre-bored the casting to allow a register for the new centre to be fitted, then parted off the Bevel teeth. Alan Davenport turned this into a pattern by adding the centre, core prints and a core box. The Cylinder drain castings were modelled in 3D CAD, then drawn for Alan to make the patterns. I will post a copy of the finished drains on TT to compare with the photos posted on Ruston orginals. The strange looking bosses on the drain castings are used to hold them during machining, and wikll be cut off when finished.

So now I have some free time, and some new castings to play with. Watch this space. Time to get on with it.

17/05/2009 Update

View of the Original Diff problem,the final drive pinnion was resting on the final drive to check the alignment, this was the closest I could get the gears to the 2nd shaft, some 3" to much out, and then the flywheel would not fit on the Crankshaft!

The same scene but using the new Diff casting and re-working the problem. Well worth the effort to see it correct.

View showing the much larger Bronze bush in the centre, the bevel pinnion mounts are tack welded at this stage for a trial fit. Now it all fits, I will make it good.

22/07/2009 Update

A start on the cylinder drains at last. I made a tapered 'D' bit cutter to bore the internal taper on the bodies. This is used again when you come to make the spindles. First as shown on the left you turn a pair of inverted tapers on to the bar while the top slide is still set. In this case, I made 2 of them so my Maaatttte Andy can have one to use with the 'D' bit. Cut the part in to two pieces and face the ends. Then mount a piece of scrap brass in the lathe and bore it using the 'D bit. That makes a perfect taper holder for the brass spindles, and exactly the same angle as the bore of the main castings. Each shaft is then inserted, supported in the end with a revolving centre. Then turned to profile. I will add a photo of the finsihed drains later.

"She's coming on well now Trev"!

- More to come!

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