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Hogwart on the Dyno at the Dorset Steam Fair 2005

While driving through the Minatures working area we noticed a Dynamo had been set up for the owners of minatures to test the power of there engines. We connected HOWART to the Dyno for a test just for fun and to see what HP we could produce! The following pictures are from the test. Many thanks to Keith who kindly took the photo's while we were playing around! A short video clip was taken with the engine running slowly while we were warming the drive belt. The drive belt was crossed over to allow more clearance over the belly tank. We lost paint on a couple of rivets!

How well did we do? We produce 39 Amps at 250 Volts DC. This calculated as 13 H. P. We must have been revving the DC generator quite fast to produce this voltage because it was a 110 volt generator. Click the link below to see a video clip! Thank you to the other modellers who helped setup and perform this test. If you send me your names by e-mail I will include you in this article!

HOGWART on the Dyno at the Great Dorset Steam Fair 2005

6" Mc Laren HOGWART driven by Andy Smith & son Bradley ascending the hill at GDSF 2005, Andy is building a Mc Laren. In the next couple of years there will be quite a lot of 6" Mac's around! - Photo by Paul Sharpo

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