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Burrell 2 to 3 Speed conversion

A recent project was to machine casting's for converting a Burrell Traction engine from a two speed to three. To do this the right hand crankshaft casting has to be replaced to allow the extra gears to be fitted. Castings for replacement parts are quite easy to aquire. Two casting were machined for each part for two seperate engines. This article will show the parts during machining as the project progresses.

Call back later to check progress!

The crankshaft casting before machining


Crank casting nearing completion


Completly machined right hand crankshaft housing


New Gear levers were cast and machined. Here the lever is having the pivot hole reamed to size. Previous operations were to cut the slot for the Gear selector to slide in.


The final operation to size the thickness of the lever to complete the job


Finished Right Hand bearing carrier & gear change lever set



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